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Homeopathic and Vitamin Injection Therapy, also called Biopuncture, is a safe and effective way to stimulate the body’s own natural healing mechanisms. All natural, homeopathic remedies or vitamin therapies (B-12 Injections) are injected into specific acu-points under the skin or into a muscle. There are hundreds of combinations that can be administered in low doses to treat many common ailments including chronic pain and autoimmune disease.

Administering these natural remedies at the right injection point and relevant body zone gives an additional clinical effect that cannot be achieved by prescribing pills, drops or ointments. Injection therapy is also a powerful complementary medicine to acupuncture, having a synergistic effect that facilitates quicker healing times.

Most alternative medicine practitioners use Homeopathic and Vitamin Injection Therapy for many orthopedic problems. It can be applied to relieve neck pain, back pain as well as acute sports injuries like sprains and tears. Great results have been reported in our clinic for golf and tennis elbow as well as tendonitis of the shoulder and knee.

As stated earlier, this type of therapy can also be used to treat autoimmune disease and other functional disorders such as allergy, headache, sinusitis and eczema. Vitamin therapy has been proven very useful in autoimmune disorders and infertility.

Biopuncture or Injection Therapy is a wonderful bridge between alternative medicine and mainstream medicine because it has a foundation in both worlds. It is a modern medical technique that uses conventional diagnosis. The terminology used to describe disease is the same as in conventional medicine so communication with traditional physicians is possible.

Secondly, all products used are tested for safety and reliability. Thirdly the techniques performed following the rules of medicine as in disposable material and sterile injection techniques.

Biopuncture can also be considered a natural medicine because the bio therapeutics show no major side effects and because the injections stimulate natural healing instead of suppressing symptoms.

At Boca Raton Acupuncture we utilize injection therapy to complement acupuncture treatment and may also be used alongside Chinese Cupping and other treatment modalities to get optimal results in regard to pain management.

If you’re looking for a safe, yet effective alternative to prescription or OTC meds, injection therapy may be right for you. We have had tremendous results reducing chronic pain in just a few treatments. Call us at Boca Raton Acupuncture for a free consultation.