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Dr. Matthew Enright and Dr. Landon Agoado are the highest rated acupuncturists in South Florida at RateMDs.com. They have many 5 Star testimonials across many platforms across the internet. Check out their profiles here (for Dr. Enright) and here (for Dr. Agoado).

Our wonderful customers are the reason we’re in the acupuncture business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us.

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Dr. Landon is THE best Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist around. If I can give more than 5 stars I would. He treats you like a person and not a number, which is hard to find these days. My daughter and I see him and he has helped us in so many ways where no other in the medical field was able to do except to cover up the problems and bring on more with prescriptions. The sooner you see him for your ailment, the better you’ll feel. :)” — Brianna M.

Dr. Matthew Enright is an amazing Dr. He has helped me obtain my period after not menstruating for the past five years. After many doctors told me it would not be possible for me to be able to conceive a child because I was not getting a regular period or ovulating and I needed to seek IVF options I decided to try Acupuncture with Dr. Enright. I have only been having treatments for 3 months now and I have already had two periods a month a part. I am so happy and thank full to Dr. Enrigh.t His wonderful and relaxing treatments have been the answer to my prayers. For any woman who is having trouble conceiving a child I highly recommend Acupuncture and Dr. Enright before trying anything else.” — Veronica P.

While in the waiting room, I watched a Doctor walk a patient that needed assistance to her car. I’d never seen that level of care given to a patient by a Doctor before and was very touched and impressed by such a simple yet unexpected act. Then I found out that this caring Doctor was the very one I was waiting to see. Doctor Landon is very caring and informative. I learned more about my health and the “why’s” to things I never thought to ask about myself before. He even gave me some pills to buy that have helped me in more ways than just the intended one. The acupuncture was very relaxing and something I plan to continue with. Overall, it was a very great experience and one I look forward to repeating.” — Stacy S.

Dr. Enright greeted me with a smile and a warm confidence that felt safe right away. I was nervous and he must have felt it, so I appreciated him making me feel comfortable. He then wowed me with his chinese pulse and tongue diagnosis which I found amazing. Lastly, his gentle nature, wonderful touch and explanation of the entire treatment is the reason I am referring all my friends to see him. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a knowledgeable, compassionate, and gentle Acupuncturist.” — Steven R.

Dr. Landon Agoado has been part of our family from the past 13 years. He has watched our family grow and help us with our health with an holistic approach always. It could be a simple cold, or an allergy or a more complicated bronchitis. Sometimes is something more than the symptoms… Dr Landon always gets on the target 😉 We are really grateful to God for him and his practice.” — Bibianna B.

“I was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy about 2 weeks ago. No sooner did it happen, I found myself treating with Matthew Enright. Not only was he comforting but he was very knowledgeable. He told me what to do and what not to do. I have been treating with him since the onset of my Bells and have been seeing improvements after each treatment. The office is clean, welcoming, and always a pleasure. I am so grateful to Matthew Enright for helping me through this tough time. The treatments are not only helpful to my condition but are educational and relaxing as well. I have already recommended his services to others. Again I am forever grateful to Matthew Enright in helping me move closer and closer to a full recovery. Thank you”  — Elisa A.

Dr. Agoado (AKA Dr. Landon) has – quite simply – changed my life. After carefully explaining to me what acupuncture can and cannot do in a free consultation, he has gone on to teach me about homeopathic remedies, dramatically lessened my joint and muscle pain and made me feel – for lack of a better term “whole”. Slowly but surely – with his help and guidance – I have rid myself of the need for all over-the-counter and most of my prescribed medicines. My general practitioner is thrilled – but most importantly, I no longer fear standing in line at the store (because I can), or going to bed knowing I’ll either toss and turn for hours or suffer debilitating nightmares. Again, I appreciate his concern for my budget – having me “test drive” herbs before I purchase them – recommending alternatives and things I can do for me – by me.” — Susan T.

“I had been in a great deal of pain for a couple of days. I was unable to turn my head, drive, dress myself or even breathe for that matter. The pain was unbearable, sleeping was impossible then I was referred to Matt Enright, Acupuncturist, by my chiropractor. After only 2 treatments I was able to have some range of motion in my neck. I would finally sleep and my everyday tasks were no longer tortuous. The acupuncture worked almost instantaneously. I couldn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel, then finally the treatment I received helped. Matt examined me thoroughly, he took my pulse and looked at my tongue, asked me a series of questions concerning my diet and lifestyle. He was very thorough and answered all of my questions, but most importantly, he stopped the pain!”— George P.