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At Boca Raton Acupuncture we integrate acupuncture with nutritional counseling to meet every patient’s holistic health goals. Whether your aim is to shed some weight, achieve a healthier body or get rid of an ailment which has been plaguing you for years, we have all it takes to help you reach your health objectives.

Have you been suffering from bouts of inexplicable health conditions and you’re searching for effective natural alternative treatments? You are at the right place. Dr. Landon and Dr. Matt center on meeting your unique health requirements and delivering the results you’re yearning for.

They furnish every patient with all the information necessary in making an educated decision regarding the best route to take in order to achieve wholesome health. Their job is to help your body strike a balance in its biochemical processes as we balance its physicality and energy requirements so you can lead a healthier life.

Acupuncture and Nutrition – The perfect regimen for chronic diseases

We take pride in our ability to combine the time-tested Oriental health practice of acupuncture and dietary guidance in providing relief to thousands of patients who come to us complaining of various conditions. Whether it’s fatigue that didn’t go away even after hours of rest, stubborn chronic bodily pain, recurrent migraines, debilitating digestive disturbances or other illnesses that have proven too difficult to treat using conventional medicine, we truly believe we have the tools to help you overcome them and achieve optimal health.

Through our holistic approach to health, we know that identifying a patient’s physical, biochemical and energy constituents is paramount. We appreciate that your dietary requirements are crucial when setting you on the path to surefire healing. Equally important is the stimulation of the body’s nervous, endocrine and immune systems through acupuncture to boost its capability to overcome sicknesses.

Regaining health through Acupuncture and Nutrition Therapy

We will work diligently to help patients achieve their various objectives including weight loss, strengthening digestion, boosting immune system, managing blood sugar levels, improving heart health and dealing with chronic pain. Nutritional counseling helps establish the hormonal, mineral, vitamin or nutrient requirements of patients.  We then follow up to administer pharmaceutical grade nutritional products and Chinese herbs for replenishing deficit areas.

We integrate our nutritional therapy with acupuncture to make certain that body functions are responding appropriately to the administered supplementation. Research by the World Health Organization and other reputable global health bodies has demonstrated that acupuncture offers the best healing and prevention mechanism for myriad ailments without any side effects.

Acupuncture normalizes hormonal and chemical imbalances, which are a major cause of many sicknesses. The key functioning of acupuncture is based on the premise that it improves the circulation of blood and energy in the body. Together with nutritional guidance you will be well on your road to total health.

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