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The importance of leading a healthy lifestyle can never be overstated and that is why we incorporate lifestyle counseling into our treatment plans with each patient. According to recent research conducted in Iran and published by the Bulletin of the World Health Organization, positive lifestyle changes such as increasing physical activities and good dieting have the ability to improve the health of entire societies.

With our emphasis on lifestyle counselling, we enable patients to reveal how they’re going about with their lives in a bid to identify the actual causes of the conditions affecting them. We know that everyone has a part of their lifestyle that they can modify and improve their general well-being.

It could be increasing work out frequency, minimizing stresses or getting sufficient sleep time. We focus on comprehending a patient’s habits as it is a pointer to the root cause of a patient’s problem, and it helps us create a personalized treatment plan that offers the best healing for the patient.


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has provided an effective alternative treatment in acupuncture and has been practiced and perfected for at least the last 3,000 years. Thin needles are inserted at certain body points for specific conditions in order to normalize the flow of life energy, Qi, in channels known as meridians. Sicknesses and pain signify that the flow Qi is being blocked or the meridians are clogged.

The obstruction of the flow of Qi can result from myriad factors including poor dieting, unhealthy lifestyle, stresses and environmental factors. Our seasoned acupuncturists perfectly execute acupuncture to clear the obstruction, restore the free flow of Qi and consequently regain good health. Research has proven that acupuncture offers better relief than conventional medicine in many conditions including back pain, neck pain, chronic migraine, sleep problems, hand pain, depression and obesity.

Good health is in your hands

We combine lifestyle counseling with nutrition therapy and acupuncture to provide permanent relief to our patients. Once you visit us, we will examine your unique health needs and come up with a customized regimen that incorporates the most appropriate and effective therapies to resolve your condition. We understand that achieving total wellness involves balancing a number of aspects such as the person’s emotions, physicality and even spirituality.

This is why we employ an all-encompassing holistic approach in providing healing to our patients. Our goal is not just achieving healing but also providing a preventative mechanism to ensure that people stay healthy for the longest time possible. Good health does not necessarily depend on the quality of care, but it is in the power of individuals, and it is everyone’s responsibility.

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