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IVF Support with Acupuncture – A 2002 study carried out in Germany and published in the respected Infertility and Sterility Journal as well as in other leading medical publications showed that the combination of acupuncture and IVF attained up to 65% pregnancy rate. This is incredibly high compared to a paltry 26% pregnancy rate for persons who underwent traditional IVF without acupuncture.

This and other studies support the notion that acupuncture is the perfect IVF support for many couples struggling with infertility around the world.

WHAT DOES ACUPUNCTURE DO? Acupuncture can increase your chances of a successful IVF by improving egg quality and quantity while facilitating an optimal uterine lining. It does all this by balancing female hormones, reducing a woman’s overall stress and improving circulation to the reproductive organs.

WHEN SHOULD I GET STARTED? If this is your first IVF cycle, we recommend you start at least two months before embryo retrieval. With one or two sessions per week, we can help you prepare your body for your pregnancy. However, if your previous IVF cycles have failed, you should come in as early as possible before starting another cycle.

In most of our acupuncture patients who have experienced failed IVF cycles, there is a disharmony in the body that we can address so you can prepare for a successful IVF procedure.

HOW MANY SESSIONS WILL I NEED? The length, frequency, and effectiveness of acupuncture treatment for fertility depends on the patient’s specific disorder, overall health, and lifestyle. We do understand most of our patients live busy, hectic lives.

We will work with you to create a treatment schedule based around your menstrual cycle that will fully enhance the effectiveness of your treatments. Acupuncture treatments are performed prior to your embryo retrieval, and both immediately before and after embryo transfer and can be continued throughout your first trimester to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

If you’re undergoing an ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) procedure such as IVF we want to help you achieve your fertility goals. Learn more about how acupuncture is the perfect IVF support by scheduling a free consultation with Dr. Landon Agoado or Dr. Matthew Enright, leading natural fertility specialists in the South Florida area.