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Acupuncture and Elbow Pain – Tennis and Golf Elbow are considered overload tendon injuries caused by repetitive or minor trauma to the extensor (tennis elbow) or flexor (golf elbow) muscles of the forearm. Tennis elbow causes pain to the lateral and upper arm pain, stiffness and tenderness. It is also called lateral epicondylitis. Golf Elbow causes medial elbow pain and is sometimes referred to as medial epicondylitis.

Both of these types of elbow pain are typically treated with NSAID’s or local corticosteroid injections. Modification of activities or restriction of activities is often suggested, and physical therapies are at times prescribed. Surgery is at times recommended for patients that do not respond to treatment, however most patients (almost 90%) recover within one year of onset.

Another treatment modality that has been gaining much attention lately in the treatment of elbow pain is acupuncture. It is a safe and painless way of treating both conditions effectively and rather quickly. Most patients find resolution of symptoms within 6-10 acupuncture treatments.

Acupuncture and Elbow Pain – Effective treatment for Tennis Elbow and Golf Elbow

Acupuncture as part of Traditional Chinese Medicine is a highly effective technique widely used in the treatment of elbow pain. Acupuncture is based on the theory of Qi (energy), and of the Taoist Theory of Yin and Yang (balance). These theories state that Qi, or energy force, of healthy individuals flow through the body freely and unobstructed, through meridians that nourish the organs and the blood of the body.  If Qi becomes obstructed imbalance occurs and disease arises.

When one has pain of the elbow, as in tennis or golf elbow, the qi running through the meridians of the arm has been obstructed. Acupuncture needles are used to unblock Qi and reduce pain when properly placed at specific points on the hand, elbow, and distally at other sites on the body.

According to a research report published by Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Hannover Medical School, Hannover, Germany, acupuncture is an effective technique for treating chronic elbow pain. It reduces inflammation and pain while speeding recovery time.

If you’re suffering with elbow pain – tennis elbow or gold elbow – we want to help. We’re confident that acupuncture can help you as it has so many of our patients. Take advantage of our free consultations. We’ll take the time to show you exactly how acupuncture works and how we can help you get out of pain. Give us a call today at our Boca Raton clinic to get started.

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